inaudible Definition

unable to be heard or too quiet to be heard.

Using inaudible: Examples

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    The recording was so poor that the speaker's words were almost inaudible.

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    The sound of the wind made his voice inaudible.

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    The whispers from the back of the room were inaudible to the teacher.

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    The microphone was not working properly, making the singer's voice inaudible.

inaudible Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with inaudible

  • a frequency that is too high or too low for humans to hear


    Dogs can hear sounds at an inaudible frequency to humans.

  • a whisper that is too quiet to be heard


    She leaned in and whispered something inaudible in his ear.

  • speech that is too quiet or unclear to be heard


    The speaker's inaudible speech made it difficult for the audience to understand what he was saying.


Summary: inaudible in Brief

'Inaudible' [inˈɔːdəbl] describes sounds that are too quiet to be heard or unable to be heard. It is often used to describe poor audio quality or whispers that are too quiet to be understood. 'Inaudible' has synonyms like 'silent' and 'soundless,' and antonyms like 'audible' and 'loud.'