now Definition

  • 1at the present time or moment
  • 2immediately
  • 3used to express a command or make a suggestion

Using now: Examples

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  • Example

    I am busy right now.

  • Example

    Can you come here now?

  • Example

    I need it done now.

  • Example

    Now, let's get started.

now Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for now

Phrases with now

  • at the present time or moment, often used to express surprise that something has not happened or been done yet


    By now, I thought he would have finished his work.

  • a short time ago, recently


    I saw him just now in the park.

  • now and then

    occasionally, from time to time


    I still see her now and then at social events.


Summary: now in Brief

The adverb 'now' [naʊ] refers to the present time or moment, often used to express immediacy or urgency. It can also be used to give commands or make suggestions, as in 'Now, let's get started.' 'Now' appears in phrases like 'by now,' expressing surprise, 'just now,' meaning recently, and 'now and then,' indicating occasional occurrences.

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