nudity Definition

  • 1the state of being naked
  • 2the depiction of nakedness in art or literature

Using nudity: Examples

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    The movie contains scenes of nudity.

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    Nudity is not allowed in public places.

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    The artist's paintings often feature nudity.

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    The book was banned for its explicit nudity.

nudity Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with nudity

  • complete nakedness, without any clothing or covering


    The play featured full nudity in several scenes.

  • a state of undress where some parts of the body are exposed while others remain covered


    The dress code for the party was partial nudity, with guests required to wear only underwear and a mask.

  • male/female nudity

    the depiction or state of being naked specifically for males or females


    The museum exhibit featured male nudity in ancient Greek sculptures.


Summary: nudity in Brief

The term 'nudity' [ˈnuːdəti] refers to the state of being naked or the depiction of nakedness in art or literature. It can be either full or partial, and can be specific to males or females. Examples of its use include 'The movie contains scenes of nudity,' and 'The artist's paintings often feature nudity.'

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