obeying Definition

  • 1complying with a command, direction, or request
  • 2carrying out or fulfilling a duty or responsibility

Using obeying: Examples

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  • Example

    The soldiers were punished for not obeying orders.

  • Example

    Children should learn the importance of obeying their parents.

  • Example

    Obeying traffic rules is important for road safety.

obeying Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for obeying

  • following
  • complying with
  • adhering to
  • abiding by
  • conforming to

Antonyms for obeying

Phrases with obeying

  • complying with the legal system and its regulations


    Obeying the law is a fundamental aspect of being a responsible citizen.

  • following the teachings and principles of one's religion


    For many believers, obeying God's commands is the cornerstone of their faith.

  • obeying orders

    complying with instructions given by someone in authority


    The military requires strict obedience to orders in order to maintain discipline and effectiveness.


Summary: obeying in Brief

'Obeying' [əʊˈbeɪɪŋ] refers to complying with commands, directions, or requests, as well as fulfilling duties or responsibilities. It is important in various contexts, from following traffic rules to obeying God's commands. 'Obeying' can also refer to complying with the law or orders given by someone in authority.