obsessive Definition

thinking about something or someone too much, in a way that is not normal.

Using obsessive: Examples

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    He has an obsessive need for control.

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    She became obsessive about her weight and diet.

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    His obsessive behavior was starting to worry his friends.

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    The detective had an obsessive desire to solve the case.

obsessive Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with obsessive

  • obsessive-compulsive disorder

    a mental health condition characterized by obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors


    He was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and prescribed medication.

  • an intense and overwhelming form of love that can become unhealthy and destructive


    Her obsessive love for him led her to stalk him and send him countless messages.

  • repetitive and uncontrollable actions or thoughts that interfere with daily life


    His obsessive behavior included checking the locks on his doors multiple times a day.


Summary: obsessive in Brief

The term 'obsessive' [əbˈsɛsɪv] describes an excessive preoccupation with something or someone, often to the point of being abnormal. It can manifest in various forms, such as 'obsessive-compulsive disorder,' 'obsessive love,' and 'obsessive behavior.' 'Obsessive' is synonymous with 'compulsive' and 'fixated,' and antonymous with 'indifferent' and 'unconcerned.'

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