occupied Definition

  • 1having all its seats, rooms, etc. filled
  • 2busy and actively doing something

Using occupied: Examples

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  • Example

    All the seats in the waiting room were occupied.

  • Example

    She is currently occupied with her work.

  • Example

    The bathroom is occupied at the moment.

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    The hotel was fully occupied during the summer season.

occupied Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using occupied

  • a busy or industrious person


    He's always working, a truly occupied man.

  • excessively self-involved or self-centered


    She's too occupied with herself to notice the needs of others.

  • preoccupied with one's own interests or concerns


    He's too occupied with his own affairs to pay attention to what's happening around him.

Phrases with occupied

  • under military control or authority


    The country was militarily occupied by foreign forces.

  • preoccupied or absorbed in thought


    She was mentally occupied with her upcoming exam.

  • a region that is under the control of a foreign military power


    The conflict arose due to the disputed status of the occupied territory.


Summary: occupied in Brief

The term 'occupied' [ˈɑːkjupaɪd] refers to a state of being filled or in use, such as 'All the seats in the waiting room were occupied.' It can also mean being busy and actively doing something, as in 'She is currently occupied with her work.' The term extends into phrases like 'mentally occupied,' and idioms like 'an occupied man,' denoting a busy or industrious person.

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