online Definition

  • 1connected to the internet or available through the internet
  • 2involving or done on the internet

Using online: Examples

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    I do most of my shopping online.

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    The course is available online.

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    We had an online meeting yesterday.

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    She met her partner through an online dating app.

online Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for online

Phrases with online

  • a service provided by banks that allows customers to perform banking transactions over the internet


    I prefer online banking because it's more convenient.

  • a form of education where students take courses over the internet


    Due to the pandemic, many schools have switched to online learning.

  • the activity of buying goods or services over the internet


    I love online shopping because I can easily compare prices and products.


Summary: online in Brief

The term 'online' [ˈɒnlaɪn] refers to anything connected to or available through the internet. It is used to describe activities such as shopping, learning, and meetings that are conducted over the internet. Examples include 'I do most of my shopping online' and 'We had an online meeting yesterday.' 'Online' also extends into phrases like 'online banking,' 'online learning,' and 'online shopping,' denoting services provided over the internet.

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