optimistic Definition

hopeful and confident about the future.

Using optimistic: Examples

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    She remained optimistic despite the setbacks.

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    He has an optimistic outlook on life.

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    The company's financial situation is looking more optimistic.

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    I'm optimistic that we can find a solution to this problem.

optimistic Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with optimistic

  • a prediction or calculation that is based on the best possible outcome


    The optimistic estimate for the project completion is two weeks.

  • a hypothetical situation that assumes the best possible outcome


    In the optimistic scenario, the economy will recover quickly and unemployment will decrease.

  • hopeful but also careful and realistic about the chances of success


    The doctors are cautiously optimistic about her recovery.

Origins of optimistic

from Latin 'optimus', meaning 'best'


Summary: optimistic in Brief

'Optimistic' [ˌɑːptɪˈmɪstɪk] describes a hopeful and confident attitude towards the future. It is often used to express positive expectations in various contexts, such as personal outlooks, business prospects, and problem-solving. Examples include 'She remained optimistic despite the setbacks.' and 'I'm optimistic that we can find a solution to this problem.' The phrase 'cautiously optimistic' implies a realistic and careful approach to hopefulness.

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