ordered Definition

  • 1arranged or organized in a particular way
  • 2requested or instructed something to be made, supplied, or delivered

Using ordered: Examples

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  • Example

    The books on the shelf were ordered alphabetically.

  • Example

    She ordered a pizza for dinner.

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    He ordered a new set of tools from the hardware store.

ordered Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for ordered

Phrases with ordered

  • court order

    an official instruction given by a court that must be obeyed


    The judge issued a court order to stop the construction work.

  • a system of buying and selling goods through the mail


    I ordered a new dress from a mail-order catalog.

  • a measure of the size or scale of something, usually expressed as a power of ten


    The difference in population between the two cities is an order of magnitude.


Summary: ordered in Brief

The term 'ordered' [ˈɔːdəd] refers to something arranged or organized in a particular way, or something requested or instructed to be made, supplied, or delivered. It can describe anything from a neat bookshelf to a pizza delivery, as in 'She ordered a pizza for dinner.' 'Ordered' also extends into phrases like 'mail order,' and 'order of magnitude,' which denotes a measure of size or scale.

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