neat Definition

  • 1tidy and well-organized
  • 2clean and free from unwanted substances, marks, or stains
  • 3skillful, efficient, and quick in performance or movement

Using neat: Examples

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  • Example

    She keeps her desk neat and tidy.

  • Example

    He always dresses in a neat and stylish way.

  • Example

    The house was neat and clean when we arrived.

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    The bartender made a neat cocktail.

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    He did a neat job of repairing the car.

  • Example

    She executed a neat turn on the dance floor.

neat Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for neat

Phrases with neat

  • a person who is excessively concerned with cleanliness and tidiness


    My roommate is a neat freak and can't stand any mess.

  • neat and tidy

    clean and well-organized


    The kitchen was left neat and tidy after the party.

  • very neat and tidy


    She always keeps her house neat as a pin.

Origins of neat

from Old English 'nēat', meaning 'cattle'


Summary: neat in Brief

The term 'neat' [niːt] describes something that is tidy, well-organized, and free from unwanted substances or marks. It can also refer to skillful and efficient performance or movement, as in 'She executed a neat turn on the dance floor.' 'Neat' has phrases like 'neat freak,' denoting excessive concern for cleanliness, and 'neat and tidy,' meaning clean and well-organized.

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