untidy Definition

  • 1not arranged neatly and in order
  • 2not clean or well cared for

Using untidy: Examples

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    Her room is always untidy.

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    He looked untidy and unkempt.

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    The garden was overgrown and untidy.

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    The kitchen was left in an untidy state.

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Summary: untidy in Brief

The adjective 'untidy' [ʌnˈtaɪdi] describes things that are not arranged neatly or in order, or not clean or well cared for. It is often used to describe a person's appearance or the state of a room or space, as in 'Her room is always untidy.' 'Untidy' is synonymous with 'messy' and 'disorganized,' and antonyms include 'tidy,' 'neat,' and 'organized.'