freak Definition

  • 1a very unusual and unexpected event or situation
  • 2a person, animal, or plant with an unusual physical abnormality
  • 3a person who is obsessed with or unusually enthusiastic about a particular activity or thing

Using freak: Examples

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    The sudden freak storm caused widespread damage.

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    She was born with six fingers on each hand, which made her a genetic freak.

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    He's a fitness freak who spends hours at the gym every day.

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    I'm a bit of a grammar freak and can't stand incorrect usage.

freak Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using freak

  • something that is very unusual or abnormal, often used to describe a natural phenomenon


    The giant squid is a freak of nature that has fascinated scientists for centuries.

  • a personal emblem or symbol of one's individuality or nonconformity


    She proudly flies her freak flag by wearing unconventional clothing and hairstyles.

  • one's inner freak

    one's hidden or suppressed desires or tendencies, often of a sexual nature


    He finally let his inner freak out and tried skydiving for the first time.

Phrases with freak

  • to become or cause someone to become extremely emotional or irrational


    I freaked out when I saw the spider crawling on my arm.

  • an exhibition of people, animals, or plants with unusual physical abnormalities, often for entertainment purposes


    Freak shows were popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but are now considered exploitative and unethical.

  • an unexpected and unusual accident that is not caused by human error or negligence


    The plane crash was a freak accident caused by a rare mechanical failure.

Origins of freak

originally meant 'sudden turn of mind' in the 16th century, from Dutch 'vrijken', meaning 'to change' or 'to turn'


Summary: freak in Brief

The term 'freak' [friːk] refers to unusual events, people, animals, or plants. It can also denote enthusiasts or obsession, as in 'He's a fitness freak.' Phrases like 'freak out' and 'freak show' imply extreme emotions and exhibitions of unusual physical abnormalities, respectively. Idioms like 'freak of nature' and 'freak flag' denote unusual phenomena and individuality, while 'one's inner freak' refers to suppressed desires or tendencies.

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