overdose Definition

  • 1an excessive or dangerous amount of a drug
  • 2an excessive amount of something

Using overdose: Examples

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    She died of a heroin overdose.

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    He took an overdose of sleeping pills.

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    The cake was ruined by an overdose of salt.

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    An overdose of caffeine can cause heart palpitations.

overdose Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with overdose

  • to take too much of a drug or substance


    He overdosed on painkillers and had to be rushed to the hospital.

  • a sudden realization or awareness of the harshness or unpleasantness of a situation


    After losing his job, he experienced an overdose of reality and realized how difficult life could be.

  • overdose of cuteness

    an excessive or overwhelming display of cuteness


    The video of the puppies was an overdose of cuteness that made everyone smile.


Summary: overdose in Brief

The term 'overdose' [ˈəʊvədəʊs] refers to an excessive or dangerous amount of a drug or substance, as in 'She died of a heroin overdose.' It can also denote an excessive amount of something, such as 'The cake was ruined by an overdose of salt.' The phrase 'overdose on' is commonly used to indicate taking too much of a drug or substance, while 'overdose of reality' and 'overdose of cuteness' are idiomatic expressions referring to sudden realizations or overwhelming displays of cuteness, respectively.