painting Definition

  • 1the art or activity of making a picture with paint
  • 2a picture made using paint

Using painting: Examples

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    The painting was sold for millions of dollars at the auction.

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    She is a talented artist who specializes in oil paintings.

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    The museum has an impressive collection of Impressionist paintings.

painting Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for painting

Phrases with painting

  • to go out and have a good time, often drinking and partying


    After the exams were over, we decided to go out and paint the town red.

  • to get oneself into a difficult situation that is hard to get out of


    By lying to his boss, he painted himself into a corner and had to face the consequences.

  • a phrase used to describe something that is extremely boring or tedious


    Sitting through that lecture was like watching paint dry.


Summary: painting in Brief

A 'painting' [ˈpeɪntɪŋ] is a work of art created by applying paint to a surface, such as canvas or paper. It can be a representation of a person, object, or scene, or an abstract composition. Phrases like 'painting the town red' and 'paint oneself into a corner' use the word metaphorically to describe going out for a good time or getting into a difficult situation. The idiom 'watching paint dry' describes something that is extremely boring or tedious.

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