pantry Definition

  • 1a small room or closet in which food, dishes, and utensils are kept
  • 2a cupboard or cabinet for storing food or kitchen equipment

Using pantry: Examples

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    She keeps all her baking supplies in the pantry.

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    The pantry was stocked with canned goods and dry ingredients.

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    He opened the pantry to grab a snack.

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    The pantry door creaked as she opened it.

pantry Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for pantry

Phrases with pantry

  • a small moth that infests stored food products, especially grains and cereals


    The pantry moth infestation ruined all of their cereal boxes.

  • pantry staples

    basic food items that are commonly used in cooking and are typically stored in a pantry


    Flour, sugar, and rice are considered pantry staples.

  • the act of arranging and categorizing items in a pantry for ease of use and accessibility


    She spent the afternoon working on pantry organization, labeling each shelf and bin.

Origins of pantry

from Old French 'paneterie', meaning 'bread room'


Summary: pantry in Brief

A 'pantry' [ˈpæntri] is a small room or closet used for storing food, dishes, and utensils. It can also refer to a cupboard or cabinet for storing kitchen equipment. Examples include 'She keeps all her baking supplies in the pantry.' and 'The pantry was stocked with canned goods and dry ingredients.' Phrases like 'pantry moth' and 'pantry staples' denote specific aspects of pantry use.

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