paramedic Definition

a person who is trained to give emergency medical treatment or to help people who are very sick or injured before they are taken to a hospital.

Using paramedic: Examples

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    The paramedic arrived quickly and provided life-saving treatment.

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    She decided to become a paramedic after witnessing a car accident.

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    Paramedics are often the first responders in emergency situations.

paramedic Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for paramedic

  • emergency medical technician
  • EMT
  • ambulance attendant

Phrases with paramedic

  • the education and instruction required to become a paramedic


    He completed his paramedic training last year and now works for the local ambulance service.

  • paramedic services

    the provision of emergency medical care by trained paramedics


    The city council has invested in additional paramedic services to improve response times for medical emergencies.

  • a group of paramedics who work together to provide emergency medical care


    The paramedic unit responded to the call and transported the patient to the hospital.


Summary: paramedic in Brief

A 'paramedic' [ˌpærəˈmedɪk] is a trained medical professional who provides emergency medical treatment and assistance to people who are sick or injured before they can be taken to a hospital. They are often the first responders in emergency situations, and their training is essential to saving lives. 'Paramedic' can also refer to the training, services, or unit of paramedics.