passionate Definition

  • 1having, showing, or expressing strong emotions or beliefs
  • 2having a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone

Using passionate: Examples

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  • Example

    She has a passionate interest in music.

  • Example

    He is passionate about his work.

  • Example

    They had a passionate love affair.

  • Example

    The passionate speech moved the audience to tears.

passionate Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with passionate

  • a kiss that expresses strong romantic or sexual feelings


    They shared a passionate kiss before parting ways.

  • an emotional and urgent request or appeal


    The victim's family made a passionate plea for justice.

  • a heated and intense discussion or argument


    The candidates engaged in a passionate debate over the issue of healthcare.


Summary: passionate in Brief

The term 'passionate' [ˈpæʃənət] describes having strong emotions or beliefs, or a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone. It can be used to describe interests, work, speeches, or love affairs, as in 'She has a passionate interest in music.' 'Passionate' extends into phrases like 'passionate kiss,' 'passionate plea,' and 'passionate debate,' denoting strong emotions, urgency, and intensity.

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