peculiarity Definition

  • 1a feature or quality that is characteristic of a particular person, place, or thing
  • 2an odd or unusual feature or habit

Using peculiarity: Examples

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    The peculiarity of the building's architecture made it stand out from the rest of the city.

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    One of his peculiarities was that he always wore mismatched socks.

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    The peculiarity of her accent revealed her foreign origins.

peculiarity Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for peculiarity

Phrases with peculiarity

  • an unusual or distinctive feature of the natural world


    The Northern Lights are a peculiarity of nature that many people travel to see.

  • peculiarities of language

    the unique features and characteristics of a particular language


    The peculiarities of the English language can make it difficult for non-native speakers to learn.

  • peculiarities of behavior

    unusual or eccentric habits or actions


    Some people have peculiarities of behavior that others find endearing or amusing.

Origins of peculiarity

from Latin 'peculiaritas', meaning 'specialty'


Summary: peculiarity in Brief

The term 'peculiarity' [pɪˌkjuːlɪˈærəti] refers to a feature or quality that is characteristic of a particular person, place, or thing. It can also denote an odd or unusual feature or habit. Examples include the peculiarity of a building's architecture, someone's habit of wearing mismatched socks, or the peculiarity of someone's accent. The term extends into phrases like 'a peculiarity of nature,' 'peculiarities of language,' and 'peculiarities of behavior.'