penalization Definition

  • 1the act of punishing someone for breaking a rule or law
  • 2the state of being punished for breaking a rule or law

Using penalization: Examples

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    The referee's penalization of the player was controversial.

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    Penalization for tax evasion can include fines and imprisonment.

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    The company faced penalization for violating environmental regulations.

penalization Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with penalization

  • self-penalization

    the act of punishing oneself for a mistake or wrongdoing


    She practiced self-penalization by skipping dessert as punishment for not meeting her fitness goals.

  • a contractual provision that outlines the consequences of a breach of contract


    The penalization clause in the rental agreement stated that the tenant would lose their security deposit if they violated any of the terms.

  • a point deducted from a score as a penalty for an infraction or violation


    The gymnast received a penalization point for stepping out of bounds during her routine.


Summary: penalization in Brief

The term 'penalization' [ˌpiːnəlaɪˈzeɪʃən] refers to the act or state of punishing someone for breaking a rule or law. It can involve fines, imprisonment, or other forms of discipline. Examples include the referee's penalization of a player, penalization for tax evasion, and penalization for violating environmental regulations. Phrases like 'self-penalization' describe the act of punishing oneself, while 'penalization clause' and 'penalization point' refer to contractual provisions and point deductions, respectively.