permitted Definition

  • 1officially allowed or approved
  • 2tolerated or not forbidden

Using permitted: Examples

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  • Example

    Smoking is not permitted in the building.

  • Example

    The use of cellphones is permitted during lunchtime.

  • Example

    Only authorized personnel are permitted to enter the restricted area.

permitted Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for permitted

Phrases with permitted

  • allowed or authorized by the legal system


    The company's actions were permitted by law.

  • forbidden or prohibited


    Pets are not permitted in the hotel.

  • a type of planning permission that allows certain types of building works and changes of use to be carried out without having to make a planning application


    The extension of the house was considered as permitted development.


Summary: permitted in Brief

'Permitted' [pərˈmɪtɪd] means officially allowed, approved, or tolerated. It is often used to describe what is allowed or not allowed in a particular situation, such as 'Smoking is not permitted in the building.' 'Permitted' can also refer to building works and changes of use that do not require planning permission, known as 'permitted development.'