points Definition

  • 1a particular position or place where something is located or happens
  • 2a unit used for measuring scores in a game or competition
  • 3the thin, sharp end of something

Using points: Examples

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  • Example

    The points on the map indicate the locations of the cities.

  • Example

    She scored 20 points in the basketball game.

  • Example

    The pencil has a sharp point for writing.

  • Example

    He made a good point during the meeting.

points Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for points

Idioms Using points

  • irrelevant or unimportant


    His comments were beside the point and did not contribute to the discussion.

  • to emphasize or highlight something


    She made a point of mentioning her experience during the interview.

  • failing to understand the main idea or purpose


    He completely missed the point of the presentation.

Phrases with points

  • a particular attitude or way of considering a matter


    From my point of view, the project is not feasible.

  • at close range and without warning or preparation


    The police officer shot the suspect point blank.

  • to draw attention to something


    She pointed out the mistake in the report.


Summary: points in Brief

The term 'points' [pɔɪnts] refers to a particular position or place, such as the points on a map. It can also refer to units used for measuring scores in games or competitions, like 'She scored 20 points in the basketball game.' Additionally, 'points' can mean the thin, sharp end of something, as in 'The pencil has a sharp point for writing.' Common phrases include 'point of view,' 'point blank,' and 'point out.'