beside Definition

  • 1at the side of; next to
  • 2compared with

Using beside: Examples

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  • Example

    She sat beside me during the movie.

  • Example

    The park is beside the river.

  • Example

    Beside his brother, he looked small.

  • Example

    Beside the point, but have you seen the new restaurant downtown?

beside Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for beside

Antonyms for beside

  • far from
  • away from

Phrases with beside

  • to be overwhelmed with a strong emotion such as anger or excitement


    He was beside himself with rage when he heard the news.

  • not relevant to the subject being discussed


    His comments were beside the mark and didn't address the real issue.

  • not relevant to the matter being discussed


    Whether or not she likes the color is beside the point. We need to know if it will fit in the room.

Origins of beside

from Old English 'be sidan', meaning 'by the side'


Summary: beside in Brief

The preposition 'beside' [bɪˈsaɪd] means 'at the side of; next to' or 'compared with'. It is often used to describe physical proximity, as in 'The park is beside the river.' 'Beside' also appears in idiomatic phrases like 'beside oneself,' indicating strong emotions, and 'beside the point,' meaning not relevant to the topic at hand.

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