alongside Definition

  • 1along the side of something or someone
  • 2in addition to something or someone

Using alongside: Examples

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  • Example

    The dog walked alongside its owner.

  • Example

    The new building was constructed alongside the old one.

  • Example

    Alongside his academic work, he also volunteers at a local charity.

alongside Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for alongside

Phrases with alongside

  • to work with someone else on a task or project


    She enjoys working alongside her colleagues to achieve their goals.

  • to be extremely excited, upset, or emotional about something


    He was alongside himself with joy when he received the news.

  • not relevant to the current topic or discussion


    Your comments are interesting, but they are alongside the point.

Origins of alongside

from 'along' + 'side'


Summary: alongside in Brief

'Alongside' [əˌlɔŋˈsaɪd] is a preposition that means 'along the side of something or someone' or 'in addition to something or someone.' It is often used to describe physical proximity, as in 'The dog walked alongside its owner,' or to indicate additional activities, as in 'Alongside his academic work, he also volunteers at a local charity.' Phrases like 'work alongside' and 'alongside oneself' use 'alongside' to denote collaboration and strong emotions, respectively.

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