police Definition

  • 1an official organization whose job is to make certain that people obey the law
  • 2the members of this organization

Using police: Examples

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    The police are investigating the crime.

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    She called the police when she saw the burglar.

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    The police arrested the suspect.

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    The police officer gave me a ticket for speeding.

police Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for police

Idioms Using police

  • to become the subject of police attention or investigation


    After the robbery, the suspects were put on the police radar.

  • to seek help or protection from the police


    If you feel threatened, you should run to the police for help.

  • to monitor and maintain order in a particular area


    The security guards were hired to police the area around the mall.

Phrases with police

  • a country where the government uses the police to control the population and suppress political opposition


    The country became a police state after the military coup.

  • the use of excessive force by police officers in the performance of their duties


    The protests were sparked by a video showing police brutality against a black man.

  • a building where police officers work, often with holding cells for prisoners


    He went to the police station to report the theft.

Origins of police

from Middle French 'police', meaning 'public order'


Summary: police in Brief

The term 'police' [pəˈliːs] refers to an official organization responsible for enforcing the law and maintaining public order. It includes the members of this organization, such as 'The police arrested the suspect.' The term extends into phrases like 'police state,' denoting a government that controls the population through the police, and idioms like 'run to the police,' meaning to seek help from them.

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