prehistoric Definition

belonging to or existing in the period before recorded history.

Using prehistoric: Examples

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    The prehistoric era is characterized by the use of stone tools.

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    The cave paintings are a testament to prehistoric art.

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    The prehistoric civilization of the Mayans is still shrouded in mystery.

prehistoric Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for prehistoric

Phrases with prehistoric

  • the time period before written history


    The dinosaurs lived in prehistoric times.

  • early humans who lived in the prehistoric era


    Prehistoric man used fire for warmth and cooking.

  • a structure or site from the prehistoric era that has cultural or historical significance


    Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in England.


Summary: prehistoric in Brief

The term 'prehistoric' [priːhɪsˈtɒrɪk] refers to the period before recorded history, characterized by the use of stone tools and early human civilizations. It is often associated with phrases like 'prehistoric times' and 'prehistoric man,' and can be used to describe ancient structures like Stonehenge.

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