prize Definition

  • 1a reward given to someone for their achievements or as a result of winning a competition
  • 2something that is won or obtained, especially in a lottery or competition

Using prize: Examples

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    He won the first prize in the science fair.

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    The Nobel Prize is awarded annually for outstanding contributions in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and peace.

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    She was thrilled to receive a prize for her artwork.

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    The grand prize winner will receive a trip to Europe.

prize Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using prize

  • to be the most impressive or best in a particular situation


    Out of all the entries, her painting really took the prize.

  • a person who is considered to be an excellent match or partner


    He knew he had found his prize catch when he met his future wife.

  • a professional boxer who competes for money


    He started his career as a prize fighter and eventually became a world champion.

Phrases with prize

  • a humorous prize given to the person who comes last in a competition


    He may not have won the race, but he got the booby prize for his efforts.

  • a small prize given to someone who did not win a competition


    Although she didn't win the tournament, she was happy to receive a consolation prize for participating.

  • something that someone values very highly and would not want to lose


    Her grandmother's ring was her prize possession.

Origins of prize

from Middle English 'prise', meaning 'reward, prize', from Old French 'pris', meaning 'price, value, worth'


Summary: prize in Brief

The term 'prize' [praɪz] refers to a reward given for achievements or winning a competition. It can also denote something that is won or obtained, such as in a lottery or contest. Examples include 'He won the first prize in the science fair.' and 'The grand prize winner will receive a trip to Europe.' Phrases like 'booby prize' and idioms like 'take the prize' add humor and emphasis to the concept of winning.

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