procreation Definition

the act or process of producing offspring; reproduction; generation.

Using procreation: Examples

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    The purpose of marriage is procreation.

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    The species depends on procreation to survive.

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    Procreation is a natural biological process.

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    The couple decided not to have children, so they did not engage in procreation.

procreation Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with procreation

  • methods or ways of reproducing or generating offspring


    In some cultures, artificial insemination is an accepted means of procreation.

  • the legal right to have children and to make decisions about reproductive health


    The debate over procreation rights has been ongoing for decades.

  • the number of offspring produced by a population over a given period of time


    The procreation rate of the endangered species is alarmingly low.

Origins of procreation

from Latin 'procreatio', meaning 'generation, production'


Summary: procreation in Brief

'Procreation' [proh-kree-ey-shuhn] refers to the act or process of producing offspring. It is a natural biological process that is essential for the survival of a species. The term is often used in the context of marriage and family planning, as exemplified by 'The purpose of marriage is procreation.' 'Procreation' extends into phrases like 'means of procreation,' referring to methods of reproduction, and 'procreation rights,' denoting the legal right to have children.