product Definition

  • 1an item made or produced by a company or factory for sale
  • 2the result or outcome of a particular process or event

Using product: Examples

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  • Example

    This company produces high-quality products.

  • Example

    The product of this equation is 42.

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    The new product line was a huge success.

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    The product of their collaboration was a beautiful painting.

product Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using product

  • something that is created in one's mind


    The story was the product of his imagination, and had no basis in reality.

  • putting on the dog (and pony show)

    to make something seem more impressive than it really is, often used in reference to marketing or sales presentations


    The product demo was just a dog and pony show, with no real substance behind it.

  • sell like hotcakes

    to sell very quickly and in large quantities


    The new product sold like hotcakes, with stores selling out within hours of receiving their shipments.

Phrases with product

  • by-product

    a secondary result of a process


    The production of biodiesel results in glycerol as a by-product.

  • the practice of including a product or brand name as a prop in a movie, TV show, or other media


    The film's product placement included several shots of the main character using an iPhone.

  • the introduction of a new product to the market


    The company's product launch was a huge success, with thousands of units sold on the first day.

Origins of product

from Latin 'productus', meaning 'brought forth'


Summary: product in Brief

A 'product' [ˈprɒdʌkt] refers to an item made or produced by a company or factory for sale, or the result or outcome of a particular process or event. It can be a physical object or a service, and can be launched or marketed through 'product placement' or a 'product launch.' 'Product' also extends into idioms like 'sell like hotcakes,' meaning to sell quickly and in large quantities.

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