purse Definition

a small bag used especially by a woman to carry everyday personal items.

Using purse: Examples

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    She took out her purse to pay for the groceries.

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    I lost my purse on the bus.

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    Her purse was stolen from her locker at work.

purse Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for purse

Phrases with purse

  • a small purse used to hold coins and small bills


    She kept her change purse in her backpack.

  • a small, elegant purse used to carry personal items during formal events


    She wore a beautiful evening purse with her gown.

  • a purse with a long strap that is worn over the shoulder


    She prefers to use a shoulder purse when she goes out.

Origins of purse

from Old English 'purs', meaning 'bag, pouch'


Summary: purse in Brief

The term 'purse' [pɜːs] refers to a small bag used to carry everyday personal items, typically used by women. It includes phrases like 'change purse,' 'evening purse,' and 'shoulder purse,' which denote specific types of purses. Examples of usage include 'She took out her purse to pay for the groceries.' and 'Her purse was stolen from her locker at work.'

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