pursue Definition

  • 1follow (someone or something) in order to catch or attack them
  • 2continue or proceed along (a path or route)
  • 3engage in (an activity or course of action)

Using pursue: Examples

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  • Example

    The police pursued the suspect through the streets.

  • Example

    She decided to pursue a career in medicine.

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    He pursued his dream of becoming an actor.

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    The company is pursuing new business opportunities.

pursue Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using pursue

  • pursue one's lips

    press one's lips together tightly, often indicating disapproval or displeasure


    She pursed her lips when she heard the news, clearly unhappy with the outcome.

  • continue to discuss or investigate a particular issue or topic


    If you're not satisfied with the explanation, you can pursue the matter further with the manager.

  • pursue one's own interests

    focus on one's own desires or goals, often at the expense of others


    He was accused of pursuing his own interests instead of considering the needs of the team.

Phrases with pursue

  • engage in a leisure activity that one enjoys doing


    In his free time, he likes to pursue his hobby of painting.

  • work towards achieving a specific objective


    She is determined to pursue her goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

  • take legal action against someone in order to seek compensation or justice


    The victim's family decided to pursue a lawsuit against the company responsible for the accident.

Origins of pursue

from Old French 'poursivre', from Latin 'prosequi'


Summary: pursue in Brief

'Pursue' [pərˈsuː] is a verb that means to follow or continue along a path, or to engage in an activity or course of action. It can refer to physical pursuits such as chasing or tracking, or more abstract pursuits such as pursuing a career or goal. Examples include 'The police pursued the suspect through the streets,' and 'She decided to pursue a career in medicine.' Idioms include 'pursue one's lips,' indicating disapproval, and 'pursue the matter,' meaning to continue investigating an issue.

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