questionable Definition

  • 1doubtful or uncertain
  • 2likely to be dishonest or illegal

Using questionable: Examples

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  • Example

    The company's accounting practices were highly questionable.

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    The politician's motives for supporting the bill were questionable.

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    The safety of the product is questionable.

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    The validity of the study's results is questionable.

questionable Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for questionable

Phrases with questionable

  • actions that are considered suspicious or unethical


    The employee's questionable behavior led to his termination.

  • something that may be illegal or not in compliance with the law


    The company's business practices were under investigation for questionable legality.

  • actions or decisions that are considered unethical or morally wrong


    The doctor's decision to prescribe unnecessary medication was a clear case of questionable ethics.


Summary: questionable in Brief

The term 'questionable' [ˈkwes.tʃə.nə.bəl] refers to something that is doubtful, uncertain, or likely to be dishonest or illegal. It can describe anything from accounting practices to product safety, as in 'The safety of the product is questionable.' 'Questionable' extends into phrases like 'questionable behavior,' and is often used in formal contexts, but can also be described as 'fishy' or 'sketchy' in informal settings.

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