quickness Definition

  • 1the quality or state of being able to move or react quickly; speed
  • 2the quality or state of being mentally alert and able to think or respond rapidly

Using quickness: Examples

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  • Example

    The quickness of the cheetah is unmatched in the animal kingdom.

  • Example

    His quickness of thought allowed him to solve the problem easily.

  • Example

    The boxer's quickness in the ring gave him an advantage over his opponent.

quickness Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for quickness

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Phrases with quickness

  • with speed or rapidity


    She finished the race with quickness, beating all her competitors.

  • the ability to move quickly on one's feet


    His quickness of foot made him a great soccer player.

  • the ability to think and respond quickly in conversation


    Her quickness of wit made her a popular guest at parties.


Summary: quickness in Brief

Quickness [ˈkwɪknəs] refers to the quality or state of being able to move or react quickly, both physically and mentally. It can be exemplified by the speed of a cheetah or the quickness of thought required to solve a problem. Phrases like 'with quickness' and 'quickness of foot' highlight the importance of speed in certain contexts.