quietly Definition

  • 1in a quiet manner; with little or no noise or activity
  • 2in a calm and restrained manner

Using quietly: Examples

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  • Example

    She tiptoed quietly out of the room.

  • Example

    He spoke quietly to avoid waking the baby.

  • Example

    The students worked quietly on their assignments.

  • Example

    She quietly slipped away from the party.

quietly Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for quietly

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Phrases with quietly

  • to remain silent


    Please keep quiet during the exam.

  • to become less noisy or active


    The children need to quiet down before bedtime.

  • very quiet and still


    The baby was sleeping quietly as a mouse.


Summary: quietly in Brief

The adverb 'quietly' [ˈkwaɪətli] means to do something with little or no noise or activity, or in a calm and restrained manner. It can be used to describe actions like tiptoeing or speaking softly, as well as to encourage silence, as in 'Please keep quiet during the exam.'

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