quip Definition

a witty remark or comment.

Using quip: Examples

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    She made a clever quip about his tie.

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    He's known for his quick quips and one-liners.

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    The comedian's quips had the audience in stitches.

quip Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with quip

  • to argue or dispute over trivial matters


    They spent the whole meeting quipping and quibbling over minor details.

  • a person who is known for making witty remarks


    He's a real quipster, always making jokes and puns.

  • an ancient Inca device made of knotted strings used for recording numerical information


    The quipu was an important tool for record-keeping in the Inca empire.

Origins of quip

from Middle English 'quipp', meaning 'to taunt'


Summary: quip in Brief

A 'quip' [kwɪp] is a clever or witty remark or comment, often used to make a joke or sarcastic comment. It can be used in phrases like 'quip and quibble,' which means to argue over trivial matters, and 'quipster,' which refers to a person who is known for making witty remarks.