quote Definition

  • 1to repeat or copy out (a passage) exactly or nearly, typically with an indication that one is not the original author or speaker
  • 2to give someone (the estimated price of a job or service)
  • 3to mention (a person or their words) as evidence or authority

Using quote: Examples

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  • Example

    She quoted a line from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

  • Example

    The contractor quoted $500 for the repair work.

  • Example

    The article quotes several experts on the subject.

  • Example

    He was quoted in the newspaper as saying that he would resign.

quote Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with quote

  • used to indicate that a word or phrase is being used ironically or euphemistically and is not necessarily true or accurate


    He's a 'genius', quote unquote.

  • a daily quote, often inspirational or thought-provoking, shared on social media or other platforms


    I always look forward to the quote of the day on my favorite website.

  • used to emphasize that what one has just said is important or should be taken seriously


    Quote me on that: this is the best pizza I've ever had.

Origins of quote

from Latin 'quotare', meaning 'mark off'


Summary: quote in Brief

The verb 'quote' [kwoht] means to repeat or copy out a passage, give an estimated price, or mention a person or their words as evidence. It is often used in academic or professional contexts to cite sources or provide evidence. Phrases like 'quote unquote' and 'quote me on that' are used to indicate irony or emphasize importance.

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