rafter Definition

one of several long, sloping beams that support a pitched roof.

Using rafter: Examples

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    The carpenter nailed the rafters to the roof.

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    The rafter broke under the weight of the snow.

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    The attic was filled with old furniture and cobwebs hanging from the rafters.

rafter Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for rafter

Phrases with rafter

  • a horizontal beam that connects two opposing rafters to prevent them from spreading apart


    The tie rafter is essential for the stability of the roof structure.

  • collar rafter

    a horizontal beam that connects two opposing rafters at the upper third of the roof, providing additional support and preventing the roof from sagging


    The collar rafter is used in roofs with a steeper pitch to provide extra support.

  • a rafter that runs from the ridge board to the eaves, forming the slope of the roof


    The common rafters are spaced evenly along the length of the roof.


Summary: rafter in Brief

A 'rafter' [ˈræftər] is a long, sloping beam that supports a pitched roof. It is often used in construction and carpentry, and can be found in phrases like 'tie rafter,' 'collar rafter,' and 'common rafter.'