rarity Definition

  • 1the state or quality of being rare
  • 2something that is rare

Using rarity: Examples

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  • Example

    The rarity of the diamond made it extremely valuable.

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    The bird sighting was a rarity in this area.

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    Her talent is a rarity in the music industry.

  • Example

    The book is a rarity and hard to find.

rarity Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with rarity

  • a person or thing that is unusual or exceptional


    She's a rare bird in this industry, with her unique approach to problem-solving.

  • a person or thing that is uncommon or distinctive in some way


    He's a rare breed of politician who truly cares about his constituents.

  • a collector's item

    an object that is rare and valuable, sought after by collectors


    This limited edition vinyl is a collector's item, with only 100 copies ever made.


Summary: rarity in Brief

The term 'rarity' [ˈreərəti] refers to the state or quality of being rare, or something that is rare. It can describe anything from a valuable diamond to a unique talent. Phrases like 'a rare bird' and 'a rare breed' denote people or things that are uncommon or exceptional, while 'a collector's item' refers to an object that is rare and valuable.

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