regularity Definition

the quality or state of being regular; conformity to a rule, law, or pattern; the frequency or uniformity of occurrence.

Using regularity: Examples

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    The regularity of his exercise routine helped him stay in shape.

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    The regularity of the waves was calming to watch.

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    The regularity of her breathing indicated that she was asleep.

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    The regularity of the bus schedule made it easy for commuters to plan their day.

regularity Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for regularity

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Phrases with regularity

  • happening frequently and consistently


    He visits his grandparents with regularity every Sunday.

  • in accordance with or proportionate to something else


    Her salary increased in regularity to her job performance.

  • the predictable patterns and cycles found in the natural world


    The regularity of nature can be seen in the changing of the seasons.


Summary: regularity in Brief

Regularity [ˌrɛɡjʊˈlærɪti] refers to the quality or state of being consistent, conforming to a rule or pattern, or occurring frequently. It can be observed in various contexts, such as exercise routines, wave patterns, breathing, and bus schedules. Phrases like 'with regularity' and 'in regularity to' emphasize the frequency and proportionality of events. The regularity of nature is also a common theme.

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