rating Definition

  • 1a measurement of how good, popular, or successful someone or something is
  • 2a classification or ranking of something based on a comparative assessment of its quality
  • 3an evaluation of the financial status of a company or product

Using rating: Examples

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  • Example

    The movie received a high rating from critics.

  • Example

    The hotel has a five-star rating.

  • Example

    The credit rating of the company was downgraded.

  • Example

    The TV show's ratings have been declining.

rating Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with rating

  • an evaluation of the creditworthiness of an individual or organization


    The bank refused to give him a loan because of his poor credit rating.

  • a score or evaluation given by customers to a product or service


    The online store displays customer ratings and reviews for each product.

  • a classification given to a movie based on its content, such as G, PG, R, etc.


    The movie was rated R for violence and language.


Summary: rating in Brief

A 'rating' [ˈreɪtɪŋ] is a measurement of quality, popularity, or success. It can refer to evaluations of movies, products, or financial status, as well as classifications or rankings based on comparative assessments. Examples include 'The hotel has a five-star rating,' and 'The TV show's ratings have been declining.'

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