raze Definition

  • 1completely destroy (a building, town, or other site)
  • 2scrape away the surface of something

Using raze: Examples

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  • Example

    The old factory was razed to make way for a new shopping center.

  • Example

    The hurricane razed the entire town to the ground.

  • Example

    He razed the wall with a sledgehammer.

  • Example

    The construction workers razed the hill to build the highway.

raze Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for raze

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Phrases with raze

  • completely destroyed


    The village was razed to the ground during the war.

  • razor-sharp

    very sharp, like the edge of a razor


    The knife had a razor-sharp blade that could cut through anything.

  • razor-thin

    very thin or narrow


    The election results were so close that the margin of victory was razor-thin.

Origins of raze

from Old French 'raser', meaning 'to scrape, shave, erase'


Summary: raze in Brief

'Raze' [reɪz] means to completely destroy a building, town, or other site, or to scrape away the surface of something. It is often used in the context of construction or natural disasters, as in 'The old factory was razed to make way for a new shopping center.' 'Raze' can also be used to describe the act of erasing something, as in 'He razed the wall with a sledgehammer.'