readable Definition

  • 1able to be read or legible
  • 2easy or enjoyable to read

Using readable: Examples

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  • Example

    The font size should be big enough to make the text readable.

  • Example

    The book is very readable and engaging.

  • Example

    The article was not very readable due to its complex language.

readable Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for readable

Phrases with readable

  • able to be read without difficulty


    The sign was written in bold letters, making it easily readable from a distance.

  • very easy or enjoyable to read


    The author's writing style is highly readable, making her books popular among readers of all ages.

  • difficult to read due to poor handwriting or printing


    The note was barely readable, with most of the words smudged and illegible.


Summary: readable in Brief

The term 'readable' [ˈriːdəbl] refers to something that can be read or is easy and enjoyable to read. It can describe text that is legible or comprehensible, as well as writing that is engaging and not boring. Examples include 'The font size should be big enough to make the text readable,' and 'The book is very readable and engaging.'

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