recollect Definition

to remember something; to recall something.

Using recollect: Examples

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  • Example

    I can't recollect where I put my keys.

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    I vaguely recollect meeting him before.

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    She tried to recollect the details of the conversation.

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    I'm sorry, I don't recollect his name.

recollect Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for recollect

Phrases with recollect

  • to calm down and regain composure after a shock or surprise


    After hearing the news, she took a moment to recollect herself before speaking.

  • recollect one's thoughts

    to pause and think carefully before continuing to speak or act


    He paused for a moment to recollect his thoughts before answering the question.

  • to remember or think about events or experiences from the past


    As she grew older, she began to spend more time recollecting the past.

Origins of recollect

from Latin 're-' meaning 'again' + 'collectus' meaning 'gathered'


Summary: recollect in Brief

'Recollect' [ˌrɛkəˈlɛkt] is a verb that means to remember or recall something. It is often used in phrases like 'recollect oneself' and 'recollect one's thoughts' to describe taking a moment to pause and think carefully. 'Recollect' is a formal word that can be replaced with 'remember' or 'recall.'