relinquish Definition

  • 1to give up something, such as a responsibility or claim
  • 2to let go of something, such as a possession or idea

Using relinquish: Examples

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  • Example

    He relinquished his position as CEO.

  • Example

    The landlord refused to relinquish control of the property.

  • Example

    She had to relinquish her passport at the airport.

relinquish Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for relinquish

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Phrases with relinquish

  • to give up power or authority over something


    The company was forced to relinquish control of its operations to a government-appointed administrator.

  • to give up legal entitlements or privileges


    The defendant agreed to relinquish his rights to appeal the verdict in exchange for a reduced sentence.

  • to give up political or social influence or control


    The dictator was eventually forced to relinquish power to a democratically elected government.

Origins of relinquish

from Latin 'relinquere', meaning 'to leave behind'


Summary: relinquish in Brief

To 'relinquish' [ri-ling-kwish] is to give up or let go of something, such as a responsibility, possession, or idea. It can be used in phrases like 'relinquish control' or 'relinquish rights,' which denote giving up power or legal entitlements. 'Relinquish' is a formal term that can be replaced by synonyms like 'cede,' 'surrender,' or 'yield.'