renew Definition

  • 1to make something new again
  • 2to extend the period of validity of something

Using renew: Examples

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  • Example

    I need to renew my passport before it expires.

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    The company decided to renew their contract with the supplier.

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    She renewed her commitment to the project after taking a break.

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    The rain helped to renew the soil's nutrients.

renew Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for renew

Idioms Using renew

  • to meet or become reacquainted with someone after a long period of time


    At the reunion, she renewed her acquaintance with her high school friends.

  • renew one's lease

    to extend the rental agreement for a property


    He decided to renew his lease for another year.

  • renew one's spirit

    to refresh or revive one's energy or enthusiasm


    A walk in nature always helps to renew my spirit.

Phrases with renew

  • renew one's vows

    to hold a ceremony in which a married couple reaffirms their commitment to each other


    After 25 years of marriage, they decided to renew their vows.

  • energy that is generated from natural resources that can be replenished, such as wind, solar, or hydro power


    The government is investing in renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions.

  • a return to interest or enthusiasm for something that had previously lost attention or excitement


    The new album has sparked renewed interest in the band's music.

Origins of renew

from Old French 'renoveler', from Latin 'renovare', meaning 'make new again'


Summary: renew in Brief

The verb 'renew' [rɪˈnjuː] means to make something new again or to extend the period of validity of something. It can refer to physical objects, like passports or soil, or abstract concepts, like commitments or interests. Phrases like 'renew one's vows' and idioms like 'renew one's spirit' demonstrate the range of contexts in which 'renew' can be used.

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