repentant Definition

feeling or expressing sincere regret and remorse; being sorry for one's sins or misdeeds.

Using repentant: Examples

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    The thief was repentant and returned the stolen goods.

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    She was deeply repentant for her harsh words.

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    He showed a repentant attitude towards his past mistakes.

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    The criminal appeared to be repentant during his trial.

repentant Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for repentant

Phrases with repentant

  • feel/look/sound repentant

    to appear or sound genuinely sorry for something one has done


    He sounded truly repentant when he apologized for his behavior.

  • a person who feels remorseful for their sins and seeks forgiveness


    The pastor offered comfort and guidance to the repentant sinners in the congregation.

  • a sincere and contrite attitude towards one's wrongdoing


    She prayed for a repentant heart and asked for forgiveness for her mistakes.

Origins of repentant

from Old French 'repentir', meaning 'to feel regret'


Summary: repentant in Brief

'Repentant' [rɪˈpɛntənt] is an adjective that describes feeling or expressing sincere regret and remorse, especially for one's sins or misdeeds. It can be used to describe someone who is remorseful and apologetic, as in 'The thief was repentant and returned the stolen goods.' The phrase 'feel/look/sound repentant' denotes a genuine expression of sorrow, while 'repentant sinner' refers to a person who seeks forgiveness for their sins.