repulsion Definition

  • 1a feeling of intense distaste or disgust
  • 2the force by which bodies repel one another when brought into proximity

Using repulsion: Examples

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  • Example

    The smell of rotten eggs filled me with repulsion.

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    I felt a strong sense of repulsion towards the slimy texture of the food.

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    The two magnets showed repulsion when brought close together.

repulsion Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for repulsion

Idioms Using repulsion

  • to feel disgusted or repelled by something


    She felt repulsed by the sight of the dead animal on the road.

  • a quality or characteristic that causes someone or something to be repelled or avoided


    The repulsion factor of the new product was high due to its unpleasant taste.

  • a type of therapy that uses aversive stimuli to discourage certain behaviors or habits


    He underwent repulsion therapy to quit smoking.

Phrases with repulsion

  • a lack of sexual attraction or desire for someone


    She experienced sexual repulsion towards her ex-partner after their breakup.

  • the force by which two magnets repel each other


    The magnetic repulsion between the two poles was too strong to overcome.

  • a situation where two people or things are repelled by each other


    Their mutual repulsion was evident from the way they avoided each other at the party.

Origins of repulsion

from Latin 'repulsio', meaning 'a driving back'


Summary: repulsion in Brief

The term 'repulsion' [rɪˈpʌlʃən] refers to intense feelings of disgust or aversion, as well as the force by which bodies repel each other. Examples include 'The smell of rotten eggs filled me with repulsion,' and 'The two magnets showed repulsion when brought close together.' Phrases like 'sexual repulsion' and idioms like 'feel repulsed by' extend the concept of repulsion to different contexts.