resolvable Definition

  • 1able to be resolved or solved
  • 2able to be separated into components or parts

Using resolvable: Examples

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    The issue is resolvable if we work together.

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    The problem is resolvable with the right approach.

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    The equation is resolvable with basic algebra.

resolvable Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with resolvable

  • able to be separated or broken down into smaller components or parts


    The complex issue can be resolvable into several smaller problems.

  • an ambiguity that can be clarified or resolved through further information or analysis


    The resolvable ambiguity in the contract was cleared up after a meeting with the lawyers.

  • a conflict that can be resolved through negotiation or other means


    The resolvable conflict between the two parties was settled through mediation.


Summary: resolvable in Brief

The term 'resolvable' [rɪˈzɒlvəbl] describes something that can be solved or separated into parts. It is often used to describe issues, problems, or equations that can be resolved with the right approach, as in 'The issue is resolvable if we work together.' 'Resolvable' can also be used in phrases like 'resolvable into,' which means able to be broken down into smaller components, and 'resolvable conflict,' which refers to a conflict that can be resolved through negotiation or other means.