respiratory Definition

relating to or affecting breathing or the organs of respiration.

Using respiratory: Examples

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    The patient was diagnosed with a respiratory infection.

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    Smoking can cause respiratory problems.

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    The respiratory system includes the lungs and airways.

respiratory Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for respiratory

Phrases with respiratory

  • a condition where a person has difficulty breathing, often caused by lung disease or injury


    The child was rushed to the hospital due to respiratory distress.

  • a healthcare professional who specializes in treating patients with respiratory problems


    The respiratory therapist helped the patient with breathing exercises.

  • a condition where the respiratory system is unable to provide enough oxygen to the body or remove enough carbon dioxide from the body


    The patient was put on a ventilator due to respiratory failure.


Summary: respiratory in Brief

'Respiratory' [rɪˈspɪrətəri] is an adjective that refers to anything related to breathing or the organs involved in breathing. It is commonly used in medical contexts, such as 'The patient was diagnosed with a respiratory infection,' and extends to phrases like 'respiratory distress' and 'respiratory therapist.'

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