restrict Definition

  • 1to limit or control something or someone
  • 2to prevent something from growing or increasing

Using restrict: Examples

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    The new law restricts the use of pesticides.

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    The company has restricted access to sensitive information.

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    The diet restricts the intake of carbohydrates.

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    The budget cuts have restricted our ability to hire new employees.

restrict Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with restrict

  • an area where access is limited or controlled, usually for safety or security reasons


    The airport has a restricted area that only authorized personnel can enter.

  • a diet that limits certain types of food or nutrients, often for medical reasons


    The doctor recommended a restricted diet for patients with high blood pressure.

  • an area of airspace where flight is limited or prohibited, usually for safety or security reasons


    The military has established a restricted airspace around their base.

Origins of restrict

from Latin 'restrictus', past participle of 'restringere', meaning 'to bind back'


Summary: restrict in Brief

To 'restrict' [rɪˈstrɪkt] means to limit or control something or someone, or to prevent growth or increase. Examples include laws that restrict the use of pesticides, diets that restrict the intake of certain foods, and budget cuts that restrict hiring. Phrases like 'restricted area' and 'restricted airspace' denote areas where access or flight is limited or prohibited.