curb Definition

  • 1a raised edge, especially of a sidewalk or road, used to separate the pavement from the roadway
  • 2to control or limit something, especially something bad

Using curb: Examples

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  • Example

    He tripped on the curb and fell.

  • Example

    The car jumped the curb and crashed into the store.

  • Example

    The government is trying to curb inflation.

  • Example

    She needs to curb her spending habits.

curb Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with curb

  • to reject or dismiss someone or something unceremoniously


    After years of loyal service, he was kicked to the curb without any explanation.

  • the attractiveness of a property or product when viewed from the street or in advertising


    The real estate agent emphasized the house's curb appeal by pointing out its well-manicured lawn and beautiful exterior.

  • to restrain or control one's excitement or enthusiasm


    I know you're excited about the trip, but try to curb your enthusiasm until everything is confirmed.

Origins of curb

from Old French 'courbe', meaning 'curved'


Summary: curb in Brief

The term 'curb' [kɜːrb] refers to a raised edge that separates the pavement from the roadway, as well as to controlling or limiting something, especially something bad. Examples include 'He tripped on the curb and fell.' and 'The government is trying to curb inflation.' Phrases like 'kick to the curb' and 'curb appeal' extend the term's meaning, while 'curb your enthusiasm' means to restrain one's excitement.

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